Create, Edit and Share a GIF. Generate ICO and convert RAW

How to create animated avatar, to make a GIF format? How to create icons for your desktop or Internet site? How to convert raw to jpeg? A lot of people are interested in it every day. Our website can solve these problems. Create a nice GIF format animation, an icon for your new website or convert raw image (for example, cr 2).

Maybe before it was a problem for you. But now the solution is found! By using our website you can quickly and easily convert photos and images to any format, to process images and create icons ICO for your website. To make it possible we offer you free tool for online digital image conversion of raw and other file formats. Just after a few seconds you will get a high quality snapshot, GIF format animation spectacular and eye-catching icons in ICO. All you need is to choose a suitable free tool and go on.

Gif Maker

Created Gif

No more need to buy or download special tool to create animated images. We offer web-based application GIF maker. It is absolutely free and you can create animated avatars and different gif animations for any purpose with it.

Our online program for digital image conversion creates animations from your photos, drawings and any other free tool. Download to your phone and put as a screen saver or show new amazing animations to friends directly from our site! "Live" image created with snapshots Gif Maker can also be used as an avatar on social networking sites and blogs.

Gif resizer (resize gif animations)

With the help of free online web application Gif Resizer you can resize GIF format animations very fast. Upload your animation, select area and push the button "Resize". You can also use this web application as GIF format shortener to decrease or increase animation size or to extract GIF format frames online.

Icon Generator (Creating favicon.ico)

Website icon, favicon – it's a memorable image of your resource. Each developer, blogger or designer sooner or later faced with the task of creating icons for the website in ICO because this is distinctive element, like a logo, that can help to distinguish you from the gray mass of competitors.

In just a few seconds our free online program for digital image conversion Icon Generator can help you to solve this problem. Load a picture of any size and format, select the options and Icon Generator will create an icon for your website. You can also make nice icons for your applications. Do not neglect using a favicon! Become more visible!

Creating icons

Raw Converter (convert Raw to jpeg and other formats)

How to convert a snapshot of raw format (for example, cr2)? Anyone lucky enough to own nice camera brands Canon, Nikon, Sony and many others is often faced with converting raw images. Picture of raw format occupies too much space and is read only in specialized applications.

Free software for digital image conversion Raw Converter converts snapshots from any of raw formats such as cr2, dng, nef, etc. With use of the Raw Converter the problem of reading and converting images of these formats instantly disappears!

Didn't converted from Raw converted from Raw
snapshot was made in jpg snapshot was converted from RAW

Last updated on Thursday, May 7, 2020